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Prof. Dr. Monique Breteler

Member, Steering-Committee Member

German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)

Sigmund-Freud-Str. 27 53127 Bonn

+49 228 43302929


Our research uses an epidemiological approach to investigating the fundamentals of healthy aging and the chang-es that take place in the brain during the course of our lives. Using large-scale population-imaging studies, we study the role of vascular mechanisms, metabolic disorders, inflammation and lifestyle factors in the development and progression of neurodegenerative diseases, with a focus on early identification and prevention of disease.

Recent publications

  • Identification of circulating proteins associated with general cognitive function among middle-aged and older adults.

    Communications biology

    Authors: Adrienne Tin, Alison E Fohner, Qiong Yang, Jennifer A Brody, Gail Davies, Jie Yao, Dan Liu, Ilana Caro, Joni V Lindbohm, Michael R Duggan, Osorio Meirelles, Sarah E Harris, Valborg Gudmundsdottir, Adele M Taylor, Albert Henry, Alexa S Beiser, Ali Shojaie, Annabell Coors, Annette L Fitzpatrick, Claudia Langenberg, Claudia L Satizabal, Colleen M Sitlani, Eleanor Wheeler, Elliot M Tucker-Drob, Jan Bressler, Josef Coresh, Joshua C Bis, Julián Candia, Lori L Jennings, Maik Pietzner, Mark Lathrop, Oscar L Lopez, Paul Redmond, Robert E Gerszten, Stephen S Rich, Susan R Heckbert, Thomas R Austin, Timothy M Hughes, Toshiko Tanaka, Valur Emilsson, Ramachandran S Vasan, Xiuqing Guo, Yineng Zhu, Christophe Tzourio, Jerome I Rotter, Keenan A Walker, Luigi Ferrucci, Mika Kivimäki, Monique M B Breteler, Simon R Cox, Stephanie Debette, Thomas H Mosley, Vilmundur G Gudnason, Lenore J Launer, Bruce M Psaty, Sudha Seshadri, Myriam Fornage

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  • Associations of measured and genetically predicted leukocyte telomere length with vascular phenotypes: a population-based study.


    Authors: Dan Liu, N Ahmad Aziz, Mohammed Aslam Imtiaz, Gökhan Pehlivan, Monique M B Breteler

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  • Prevalence and determinants of over- and undertreatment among users of antihypertensive drugs in the general population: The Rhineland Study.

    European journal of preventive cardiology

    Authors: Nersi Alaeddin, Gökhan Pehlivan, Julia C Stingl, Monique M B Breteler, Folgerdiena M de Vries

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