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Prof. Dr. Rayk Behrendt


Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Pharmacology

Medical Faculty, University of Bonn University Hospital of Bonn Venusberg-Campus 1 53105 Bonn


We investigate under which conditions endogenous nucleic acids can activate nucleic acid sensors of the innate immune system. Over the last 20 years innate immune recognition of nucleic acids has been established as a central mechanism driving inflammation of sterile and of infectious etiologies. In the future, we will build upon the knowledge gained from studying disease to understand the role of nucleic acid immunity in health.


Recent publications

  • Removal of innate immune barriers allows efficient transduction of quiescent human hematopoietic stem cells.

    Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy

    Authors: Erika Valeri, Giulia Unali, Francesco Piras, Monah Abou-Alezz, Giulia Pais, Fabrizio Benedicenti, Maria Rosa Lidonnici, Ivan Cuccovillo, Ilaria Castiglioni, Sergio Arévalo, Giulio Spinozzi, Ivan Merelli, Rayk Behrendt, Adrian Oo, Baek Kim, Nathaniel R Landau, Giuliana Ferrari, Eugenio Montini, Anna Kajaste-Rudnitski

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  • Nuclear envelope disruption triggers hallmarks of aging in lung alveolar macrophages.

    Nature aging

    Authors: Nilushi S De Silva, Johan Siewiera, Chantal Alkhoury, Guilherme P F Nader, Francesca Nadalin, Kevin de Azevedo, Mickaël Couty, Helena M Izquierdo, Anvita Bhargava, Cécile Conrad, Mathieu Maurin, Konstantina Antoniadou, Charles Fouillade, Arturo Londono-Vallejo, Rayk Behrendt, Karine Bertotti, Cindy Serdjebi, François Lanthiez, Lisa Gallwitz, Paul Saftig, Beatriz Herrero-Fernández, Angela Saez, José María González-Granado, Guillaume van Niel, Alexandre Boissonnas, Matthieu Piel, Nicolas Manel

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  • Activation of the cGAS/STING axis in genome-damaged hematopoietic cells does not impact blood cell formation or leukemogenesis.

    Cancer research

    Authors: Nicole Dressel, Loreen Natusch, Clara M Munz, Santiago Costas Ramon, Mina N F Morcos, Anja Loff, Björn Hiller, Christa Haase, Livia Schulze, Patrick Müller, Mathias Lesche, Andreas Dahl, Hella Luksch, Angela Roesen-Wolff, Axel Roers, Rayk Behrendt, Alexander Gerbaulet

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