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Prof. Dr. Radoslaw Nowak


Institute of Structural Biology

BMZ I, University Hospital Bonn, Venusberg-Campus 1, 53127 Bonn

Our mission is to explore therapeutic potential of small molecule induced proximity in inflammation and cancer. The laboratory focuses on targeted protein degradation, discovery and mechanistic characterization of novel molecular glues/induced proximity and development of technology for exploration of gain of function pharmacology.

Institut für Strukturbiologie, Uniklinik Bonn

Recent publications

  • A double whammy for KEAP1.

    Cell chemical biology

    Authors: Jan Gerhartz, Radosław P Nowak

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  • Targeted protein degradation: from mechanisms to clinic.

    Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology

    Authors: Jonathan M Tsai, Radosław P Nowak, Benjamin L Ebert, Eric S Fischer

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