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Frank Bradke receives the 50,000 Euro Academy Prize

Neurobiologist Frank Bradke, a research group leader at DZNE and professor at the University of Bonn, has been awarded the 50,000 euro Academy Prize of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The award recognizes his outstanding scientific accomplishments in the field of neuronal development and regeneration. With his studies, the Bonn scientist, who focuses on fundamental mechanisms, aims to pave the way for a better treatment of spinal cord injuries. In recent years, Bradke has already been recognized with several awards for his exceptional research.

The nerve fibers in the spinal cord cannot regenerate. Thus, if they are damaged or even severed, this can result in permanent paralysis or have other serious outcomes. In light of this, Frank Bradke and his research team are investigating how neurons grow and whether it is possible to specifically activate this growth after neuronal damage. To this end, the Bonn researchers carry out studies on cell cultures as well as in mice and rats. Over the years they discovered, for example, how the cytoskeleton is involved in neuronal growth and also gained key insights into the mechanisms that prevent the regrowth respectively regeneration of neurons after damage.

“I am thrilled to receive this award. It is an extraordinary honor for me personally, but also a great recognition for the entire team from our lab. Because fundamental research, as we do it, is a team effort,” says Bradke.

The Academy Prize of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities is awarded for outstanding scientific achievements in any disciplinary field and can be conferred every two years. On this occasion, it will be presented at a ceremony in Berlin on June 15.

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Also check out Frank Bradke's interview on spinal cord injuries

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