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Fornix fractional anisotropy mediates the association between Mediterranean diet adherence and memory four years later in older adults without dementia.

Neurobiology of aging

Authors: Adriana L Ruiz-Rizzo, Kathrin Finke, Jessica S Damoiseaux, Claudia Bartels, Katharina Buerger, Nicoleta Carmen Cosma, Peter Dechent, Laura Dobisch, Michael Ewers, Klaus Fliessbach, Ingo Frommann, Wenzel Glanz, Doreen Goerss, Stefan Hetzer, Enise I Incesoy, Daniel Janowitz, Ingo Kilimann, Christoph Laske, Debora Melo van Lent, Matthias H J Munk, Oliver Peters, Josef Priller, Alfredo Ramirez, Ayda Rostamzadeh, Nina Roy, Klaus Scheffler, Anja Schneider, Annika Spottke, Eike Jakob Spruth, Stefan Teipel, Michael Wagner, Jens Wiltfang, Renat Yakupov, Frank Jessen, Emrah Duezel, Robert Perneczky, Boris-Stephan Rauchmann

Here, we investigated whether fractional anisotropy (FA) of hippocampus-relevant white-matter tracts mediates the association between baseline Mediterranean diet adherence (MeDiAd) and verbal episodic memory over four years. Participants were healthy older adults with and without subjective cognitive decline and patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment from the DELCODE cohort study (n = 376; age: 71.47 ± 6.09 years; 48.7 % female). MeDiAd and diffusion data were obtained at baseline. Verbal episodic memory was assessed at baseline and four yearly follow-ups. The associations between baseline MeDiAd and white matter, and verbal episodic memory's mean and rate of change over four years were tested with latent growth curve modeling. Baseline MeDiAd was associated with verbal episodic memory four years later (95 % confidence interval, CI [0.01, 0.32]) but not with its rate of change over this period. Baseline Fornix FA mediated - and, thus, explained - that association (95 % CI [0.002, 0.09]). Fornix FA may be an appropriate response biomarker of Mediterranean diet interventions on verbal memory in older adults.

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PMID: 38340637

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