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  • [Breakthrough in understanding the molecular causes of psychiatric disorders].

    Der Nervenarzt

    Authors: Markus M Nöthen, Franziska Degenhardt, Andreas J Forstner

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  • Inhibition of Stat3-mediated astrogliosis ameliorates pathology in an Alzheimer's disease model.

    EMBO molecular medicine

    Authors: Nicole Reichenbach, Andrea Delekate, Monika Plescher, Franziska Schmitt, Sybille Krauss, Nelli Blank, Annett Halle, Gabor C Petzold

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  • Microglia take centre stage in neurodegenerative disease.

    Nature reviews. Immunology

    Authors: Michael T Heneka

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  • [Epidemiology of severe visual impairment and blindness of old people in Germany].

    Der Ophthalmologe : Zeitschrift der Deutschen Ophthalmologischen Gesellschaft

    Authors: M M Mauschitz, J Q Li, P P Larsen, J Köberlein-Neu, F G Holz, M M B Breteler, R P Finger

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  • Role of factor VIII-binding capacity of endogenous von Willebrand factor in the development of factor VIII inhibitors in patients with severe hemophilia A.


    Authors: Yohann Repessé, Catherine Costa, Roberta Palla, Elika Farrokhi Moshai, Annie Borel-Derlon, Roseline D'Oiron, Chantal Rothschild, Amal El-Beshlawy, Mohsen Elalfy, Vijay Ramanan, Peyman Eshghi, Johannes Oldenburg, Anna Pavlova, Frits R Rosendaal, Flora Peyvandi, Srinivas V Kaveri, Sébastien Lacroix-Desmazes

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  • Drug-induced anaphylactic reactions in children: A retrospective analysis of 159 validated spontaneous reports.

    Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety

    Authors: Bernhardt Sachs, Diana Dubrall, Wilma Fischer-Barth, Matthias Schmid, Julia Stingl

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  • FOXK1 and FOXK2 regulate aerobic glycolysis.


    Authors: Valentina Sukonina, Haixia Ma, Wei Zhang, Stefano Bartesaghi, Santhilal Subhash, Mikael Heglind, Håvard Foyn, Matthias J Betz, Daniel Nilsson, Martin E Lidell, Jennifer Naumann, Saskia Haufs-Brusberg, Henrik Palmgren, Tanmoy Mondal, Muheeb Beg, Mark P Jedrychowski, Kjetil Taskén, Alexander Pfeifer, Xiao-Rong Peng, Chandrasekhar Kanduri, Sven Enerbäck

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  • Acute Hepatitis E Virus infection in a hemophilic patient with acquired inhibitor during immune tolerance therapy according to modified Bonn-Malmö protocol.

    Haemophilia : the official journal of the World Federation of Hemophilia

    Authors: Stefan Schlabe, Kathrin van Bremen, Georg Goldmann, Johannes Oldenburg, Anna-Maria Eis-Hübinger, Heike Zeitler, Ulrich Spengler

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  • Ga-PSMA PET/CT for monitoring response to Lu-PSMA-617 radioligand therapy in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

    European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging

    Authors: Alexander Heinzel, Dima Boghos, Felix M Mottaghy, Florian Gaertner, Markus Essler, Dirk von Mallek, Hojjat Ahmadzadehfar

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  • Effects of oral butyrate supplementation on inflammatory potential of circulating peripheral blood mononuclear cells in healthy and obese males.

    Scientific reports

    Authors: Maartje C P Cleophas, Jacqueline M Ratter, Siroon Bekkering, Jessica Quintin, Kiki Schraa, Erik S Stroes, Mihai G Netea, Leo A B Joosten

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