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Perioperative therapy with FLOT4 significantly increases survival in patients with gastroesophageal and gastric cancer in a large real-world cohort.

International journal of cancer

Authors: Christian Möhring, Adrianna Mańczak, Aliki Timotheou, Farsaneh Sadeghlar, Taotao Zhou, Robert Mahn, Malte B Monin, Marieta Toma, Georg Feldmann, Peter Brossart, Mümtaz Köksal, Gustavo R Sarria, Nils Sommer, Philipp Lingohr, Azin Jafari, Jörg C Kalff, Christian P Strassburg, Maria A Gonzalez-Carmona

In 2019, the FLOT4 protocol was established as the new standard for perioperative therapy in patients with locally advanced gastroesophageal and gastric cancer. Whether this protocol is beneficial in a real-world setting remains a question with limited answers to date. In our study, a large cohort of unselected patients treated with FLOT4 was analyzed and compared to protocols based on 5-FU/platinum derivative. This retrospective analysis included patients with locally advanced gastroesophageal and gastric cancer treated with perioperative FLOT or 5-FU/platinum derivative at University Hospital, Bonn between 2010 and 2022 in a curative setting (n = 99). Overall survival, disease-free survival, therapy response and therapy complications were analyzed. Patients treated with FLOT showed a statistically significant longer median overall survival of 57.8 vs 28.9 months (HR: 0.554, 95% CI: 0.317-0.969, P = .036). Moreover, pathological tumor regression (pTR) was significantly higher in the FLOT group compared to the 5-FU/platinum group (P = .001). Subgroup analysis showed a favorable survival benefit for the FLOT vs 5-FU/platinum derivate in patients with AEG and non-signet cell carcinoma. Overall, FLOT was tolerated well but CTCAE ≥3 grade neutropenia and diarrhea occurred more often within the FLOT group. Similar to the prospective phase II/III trials, FLOT4 was the best protocol for patients with locally advanced gastroesophageal and gastric cancer as perioperative therapy in terms of overall survival and pathological response rate compared to 5-FU/platinum derivative protocols. Interestingly, patients with gastroesophageal cancer benefitted more from this therapy. In contrast, patients with signet ring cells appear not to benefit from addition of docetaxel.

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PMID: 36919950

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