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T cell-mediated microglial activation triggers myelin pathology in a mouse model of amyloidosis.

Nature neuroscience

Authors: Shreeya Kedia, Hao Ji, Ruoqing Feng, Peter Androvic, Lena Spieth, Lu Liu, Jonas Franz, Hanna Zdiarstek, Katrin Perez Anderson, Cem Kaboglu, Qian Liu, Nicola Mattugini, Fatma Cherif, Danilo Prtvar, Ludovico Cantuti-Castelvetri, Arthur Liesz, Martina Schifferer, Christine Stadelmann, Sabina Tahirovic, Ozgun Gokce, Mikael Simons

Age-related myelin damage induces inflammatory responses, yet its involvement in Alzheimer's disease remains uncertain, despite age being a major risk factor. Using a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease, we found that amyloidosis itself triggers age-related oligodendrocyte and myelin damage. Mechanistically, CD8 T cells promote the progressive accumulation of abnormally interferon-activated microglia that display myelin-damaging activity. Thus, our data suggest that immune responses against myelinating oligodendrocytes may contribute to neurodegenerative diseases with amyloidosis.

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PMID: 38937583

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