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Trained immunity: Target for prophylaxis and therapy.

Cell host & microbe

Authors: Athanasios Ziogas, Mariolina Bruno, Roy van der Meel, Willem J M Mulder, Mihai G Netea

Trained immunity is a de facto memory for innate immune responses, leading to long-term functional reprogramming of innate immune cells. In physiological conditions, trained immunity leads to adaptive states that enhance resistance against pathogens and contributes to immunosurveillance. Dysregulated trained immunity can however lead either to defective innate immune responses in severe infections or cancer or to inflammatory and autoimmune diseases if trained immunity is inappropriately activated. Here, we review the immunological and molecular mechanisms that mediate trained immunity induction and propose that trained immunity represents an important target for prophylactic and therapeutic approaches in human diseases. On the one hand, we argue that novel approaches that induce trained immunity may enhance vaccine efficacy. On the other hand, induction of trained immunity in cancer, and inhibition of exaggerated induction of trained immunity in inflammatory disorders, are viable targets amenable for new therapeutic approaches.

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PMID: 37944491

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