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Dr. Thomas Ulas


Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)

Carl-Troll-Strasse 31 53115 Bonn

+49 228 43302641


As a trained bioinformatician, the interface of biology and computational science fascinates me. My primary research interest is focused on leveraging computational methods to gain insights into complex biological systems, with a specific focus on the immune system and genomics. I am very enthusiastic about the potential of network analysis and systems immunology approaches for discovering novel insights into the underlying processes of diseases such as COVID-19, as well as exploring neonatal immunological ontogeny. I'm especially interested in using genomics data to uncover potential therapeutic targets and biomarkers for these and other diseases. Overall, I am passionate about using cutting-edge computational tools to improve human health and advance our understanding of the human as a system.

Recent publications

  • Transcriptome-based network analysis reveals a spectrum model of human macrophage activation.


    Authors: Jia Xue, Susanne V Schmidt, Jil Sander, Astrid Draffehn, Wolfgang Krebs, Inga Quester, Dominic De Nardo, Trupti D Gohel, Martina Emde, Lisa Schmidleithner, Hariharasudan Ganesan, Andrea Nino-Castro, Michael R Mallmann, Larisa Labzin, Heidi Theis, Michael Kraut, Marc Beyer, Eicke Latz, Tom C Freeman, Thomas Ulas, Joachim L Schultze

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