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Prof. Dr. Tanja Schneider


Institute for Pharmaceutical Microbiology

University Clinic Bonn University of Bonn Meckenheimer Allee 168 53115 Bonn

+49 228 735688


  • Mode of action studies on novel antibiotics (e.g. teixobactin, plectasin, lipopeptides)
  • Identification of new antibiotic targets and screening• Antibiotic resistance mechanisms
  • Investigations on bacterial cell envelope biosynthesis, particularly peptidoglycan, wall teichoic acid and capsule biosynthesis
  • Regulation of cell envelope biosynthesis and modification• Additional antiinfective strategies – Antivirulence and combination therapy
  • Screening technologies

Recent publications

  • An antibiotic from an uncultured bacterium binds to an immutable target.


    Authors: Rhythm Shukla, Aaron J Peoples, Kevin C Ludwig, Sourav Maity, Maik G N Derks, Stefania De Benedetti, Annika M Krueger, Bram J A Vermeulen, Theresa Harbig, Francesca Lavore, Raj Kumar, Rodrigo V Honorato, Fabian Grein, Kay Nieselt, Yangping Liu, Alexandre M J J Bonvin, Marc Baldus, Ulrich Kubitscheck, Eefjan Breukink, Catherine Achorn, Anthony Nitti, Christopher J Schwalen, Amy L Spoering, Losee Lucy Ling, Dallas Hughes, Moreno Lelli, Wouter H Roos, Kim Lewis, Tanja Schneider, Markus Weingarth

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  • Inhibition of peptidoglycan synthesis is sufficient for total arrest of staphylococcal cell division.

    Science advances

    Authors: Jan-Samuel Puls, Dominik Brajtenbach, Tanja Schneider, Ulrich Kubitscheck, Fabian Grein

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  • Dual targeting of the class V lanthipeptide antibiotic cacaoidin.


    Authors: Julia P Deisinger, Melina Arts, Ioli Kotsogianni, Jan-Samuel Puls, Fabian Grein, Francisco Javier Ortiz-López, Nathaniel I Martin, Anna Müller, Olga Genilloud, Tanja Schneider

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